Cogswell Hall

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For over 140 years, Cogswell Hall has been a pillar of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Offering trauma-informed supportive services and permanent housing as private, fully furnished apartments for 41 adult residents, Cogswell Hall is a place residents come to pursue and achieve their goalsMuch more than housing, residents make Cogswell Hall a community of amazing and thriving individuals

Community is the core of Cogswell Hall as residents interact daily in common spaces such as activity rooms, floor lounges, a library, and CogsMart (the small, in-house store) and in sharing three daily meals in our family-style dining room. Residents partner with staff to build their Cogswell community by planning activities such as discussion groups, game and movie nights, and exercise and learning opportunities.

Cogswell Hall helps support full self-sufficiency by working with residents to target and achieve their personal, financial, educational, health goals, and more. 

7200 Franklin Blvd., Suite 100
Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone 216.961.1568
Fax 216.961.3270

Kara Bell

Director of Property Management

Hear From Cogswell Resident Lynette