reFRESHed: A Personal Growth Series

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reFRESHed is a personal growth series dedicated to empowering women on their journey towards self-discovery, professional fulfillment, and internal evolution. Designed to bring together women from diverse backgrounds and across industries, reFRESHed is an opportunity to learn and connect with like-minded peers and mentors. This program aims to uplift and support any woman, and especially women of color, seeking personal and professional growth.

Held quarterly, each session will include a presentation from a distinguished leader and offer space for authentic connection. At the conclusion of each session, participants will walk away feeling refreshed and reenergized to pursue the life they envision, equipped with practical information and skills to foster growth.


Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. In our second reFRESHed session, business transformation coach Cheryl Perez will give you tips and strategies on how to stop anxiety and self-doubt from limiting your ability to be successful. After all, imposter syndrome is a part of building a career, so getting over that self-limiting belief is essential.

Key takeaways from this session include: how to simply decide to succeed and make the decision to move forward, how to embrace risk and do exactly what it is that you want to do, and how to prepare yourself so that whatever the outcome is that you’re afraid of, you’re ready in case that thing happens.

Join us for session two January 21, 2021 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM at COhatch Ohio City (2814 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113)!

The reFRESHed series welcomes cis women, trans women, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalized. Although donation is encouraged, the reFRESHed series welcomes all, with registration. To attend this event, register here.

As we prepare to gather in person, we remind guests that social distancing and masks are required and that full vaccinate or a recent negative COVID test is recommended. If you are feeling sick, please stay home and join us for reFRESHed Session Two! 



Redefining Success on Your Own Terms– A Latina Woman’s Journey of Self-Reflection, Self-Compassion and Determination

What do you do when you have everything you always wanted but suddenly it is no longer satisfying? Marcia Moreno joins us to help redefine what success means to YOU. It takes a lot of courage, self-compassion, and self-reflection to admit and accept that what you always thought you wanted (or others wanted or expected from you) is no longer relevant, it does not make you happy, and it certainly does not make you feel successful, but quite the opposite: a failure. It IS possible to redefine success on your terms. Understand your new priorities, your new values, your new goals and expectations. Living that new definition of success at its fullest is not always easy; old ways of thinking and behaving will sneak in and trick you. But there are ways to make it work, and to sustain the change. Key takeaways include: what it means to redefine your success career and how to understand and accept new priorities and values.


Integrating Wellness Practices to Create a Whole Life That You Love Living

When women are well from the inside out, we change the world in how we live, love, and lead. By cultivating rich movement experiences, we ignite the spark already inside of women looking to feel joy and energy in their bodies. In this session, Nike Olabisi-Green will discuss how women can step into the next best version of themselves by incorporating movement, mindset, and community connection. Designed for women looking to call in more clarity and joy as they navigate career, home, and wellness from a holistic perspective. Key takeaways include how to incorporate physical movement into our daily lives, positive mindset practices to ignite the spark inside of each of us, and the power of community connection to build your best life.

SESSION FIVE: September 2022

Building Better Boundaries

Speaker: Tara Pringle-Jefferson

Boundaries are the building blocks for all healthy relationships. Hazy or undefined boundaries can cause stress, frustration and overwhelm in personal or professional situations. Tara Pringle-Jefferson gives us the tools to successfully build boundaries in our lives. Key takeaways include: how to analyze current (or non-existent) boundaries, how to develop strategies for developing stronger boundaries, and designing a blueprint for enforcing boundaries for greater peace of mind.


For more information on how to attend or support the reFRESHed series, contact Stephanie Sheeley at