Why We Act

Many of the issues addressed by YWCA Greater Cleveland – homelessness, addiction, poverty, mental illness – are founded upon and fueled by racism and social injustice. YWCA is committed to advocating for policies that acknowledge structural racism and sexism are at the heart of many of our current crises and must be addressed directly if prospects for women and girls are to improve.

White Papers

Racism Is A Public Health Crisis

Homelessness Call For Justice

Advocacy in the News

8/4/2020 (Freshwater Cleveland) Cleveland Indigenous Coalition’s demand for team name and mascot change gains momentum

6/29/2020 (Cleveland Magazine) What It Means: Racism Declared A Public Health Crisis

6/11/2020 (Freshwater Cleveland) City of Cleveland takes heed, declares racism a public health crisis

6/16/2020 (Fox 8) City of Lakewood takes steps to examine racial inequities

6/3/2020 (WKYC) Cleveland City Council unanimously approves resolution declaring racism a public health crisis

6/1/2020 (Cleveland 19 News) Cleveland council committee approves resolution that would declare racism a public health crisis

10/30/2019 (Freshwater Cleveland) Should Cleveland declare racism a public health crisis?

10/29/2019 (Cleveland Jewish News) National action summit headed to Cleveland

10/20/2019 (Crain’s Cleveland) Facing up to an ongoing legacy

10/13/2019 ( Confronting the effects of racism and moving toward justice — Michael K. McIntyre