Many of the issues addressed by YWCA Greater Cleveland – homelessness, addiction, poverty, mental illness – are founded upon and fueled by racism and social injustice. YWCA is committed to advocating for policies that acknowledge structural racism and sexism are at the heart of many of our current crises and must be addressed directly if prospects for women and girls are to improve.

On a Mission to End Homelessness

When our local government commits to the systemic change needed to end the inequities, we can ensure that everyone in our community has access to safe and affordable housing.

Ban Flavored Tobacco Sales in Cleveland

Tobacco companies have a long history of targeting communities of color with devastating consequences. We have a responsibility to protect our communities and ban flavored tobacco sales.

Become a YWCA USA Advocate

YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We invite you to join us and take action on health, economic, safety, and racial justice priorities directly affecting women and communities of color.

Vote No on Issue 1

On Aug. 8th, Ohioans will vote on Issue 1 which proposes to amend our state constitution to raise the threshold to pass citizen-led Constitutional Amendments on the ballot from 50% plus one to 60%. Vote no to help protect democracy in Ohio.


Click below for current local legislation and advocacy:


Click below for current Ohio legislation to watch:


To learn how the YWCA is making an impact on the federal level, visit YWCA USA’s Action Center.

In this moment of ongoing economic uncertainty and compounding social challenges facing our nation, YWCA is driving an inclusive agenda to address the underlying gender equity and racial justice tensions that are deeply embedded in our nation.

We are calling on members of Congress to act on the following health, economic, safety, and racial justice priority areas:

  • Safety from gender-based violence
  • Child Care
  • Federal Budget & Appropriations
  • Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector’s Impact
  • Racial Justice
  • Reproductive Justice & Abortion Access
  • Women’s Economic Security


  • Talk about these bills and action steps with your family, friends, and co-workers
  • Sign a petition to pass the Homeless Bill of Rights
  • Host a letter or postcard-writing party and send the letters/postcards to your State Representative
  • Send a letter to your local representative urging them to ban flavored tobacco sales.
  • Support or volunteer with organizations working to register voters and increase turnout
  • Attend local school board meetings and share your concerns
  • Call your State Representative
  • If you have a personal connection with a state representative, reach out and see if they have time for a phone call or meeting with you
  • Share information YWCA posts on social media about these bills and action items
  • Submit a letter to the editor to your local or regional news outlet
  • Visit the YWCA USA Action Center