We Stand in Solidarity

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We Stand in Solidarity

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Twice this summer, the office of our sister YWCA in Alliance has been graffitied and vandalized with obscenities, anti-Semitic symbols, and a white supremacist slogan. We applaud the leadership of Stacie Weimer, Executive Director of YWCA Alliance, and Shana Smith, CEO of YWCA Canton, for their work organizing a unity walk created to show solidarity in the face of antisemitism. Over 150 people joined the walk with signs and chants urging inclusion and resisting hate. We stand with our sisters at YWCA Alliance and Jewish community members who stand united in the face of hostility.

As we see antisemitism and hate crimes escalate in our country, it is urgent that we reject these notions and take steps to ensure our communities are safe and inclusive. We urge everyone to follow the leadership of YWCA Alliance by actively resisting anti-Semitism and white supremacy wherever and however it appears.  Click here for more ways we can make Cleveland a welcoming place for our Jewish neighbors.