Margaret Mitchell’s Secret to the 21-Day Challenge

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Margaret Mitchell’s Secret to the 21-Day Challenge

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Dear Reader,

Nearly a year ago, I started practicing yoga. In fact, I have taken 84 yoga classes from then until now and I am still a novice. Truth be told, I am not even a graceful beginner. It’s a challenge, but I stick with it because I see the growing edges in my mind, my heart, and my body. Racial equity and social justice is also a practice. It must be practiced for change to begin. It must be practiced for change to be sustained.

2020 proved to be a difficult year for racial equity and social justice. Continued exposure to injustice sparked awareness and ignited the flame of advocacy in many. Action, however, is the only way advocacy becomes meaningful. The age of social media has made us all so accustomed to quick reads and videos that can only scratch the surface of true understanding, true humanity, and true advocacy. 

This year’s 21-Day Challenge was created to fill that gap: a deep dive into challenging content and means for change. But how might we succeed in the 21-Day Challenge, especially if learning about our failures makes us uncomfortable? The secret to the 21-Day Challenge is simple: stick to it, stay in the challenge. Be present. Engage daily. The topics of this year’s challenge were purposefully chosen because they are difficult to take in. This year’s challenge encourages uncomfortable feelings and conversations, because confronting these is a necessary obstacle to overcome to create true understanding and change. Wherever you might be on your social justice journey, the challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow, to engage with others, and become a true leader for change in your community. Accepting the challenge is the first step, daily participation and engagement is succeeding.

In solidarity,