2021 Inauguration is a Victory for Women

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2021 Inauguration is a Victory for Women

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This election season has ignited the flame of change for women in America and reminds us of work yet to be done.

The 2021 Inauguration highlighted women in an unprecedented way. Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice, swore Kamala Harris into office, officially making her the first female vice president in American history. We pause for a moment to recognize this monumental step toward the full integration of women of color into American politics. This pause, however, is just that. We will continue to push forward toward our goal of full empowerment of women of color throughout the country.

Kamala Harris’ resignation from her Senate seat means there will be no Black women senators currently serving. Fewer than one quarter of the Senate’s 100 members are women. None of these women are Black or indigenous, two are Asian, and one is Latina. Women deserve equal representation in all levels of government. We celebrate Kamala Harris’ great achievement as the first woman in her position, but we are left to demand change.

As we usher in a new presidential administration, we gain momentum towards a new era of change, equity, and the empowerment of all women.