A Place 4 Me is Making a Difference for Young People

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A Place 4 Me is Making a Difference for Young People

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Over the summer, A Place 4 Me received two huge donations of snacks and hygiene products – not from a food bank or local partner — but from a generous college student working hard to make ends meet.

Boston University sophomore Greta (she/her/hers) returned to her family home in Shaker Heights when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Greta knew she would have to get a job, and began working at a local grocery store as well as a coffee shop. Greta read about a young woman in the Cleveland area who was also attending school online and, on top of that, was experiencing homelessness. This got Greta thinking about how homelessness affects both the community that she grew up in and people her own age. She decided that she wanted to put tip money from her jobs back into the community, specifically with the goal of aiding homeless young people.

Greta wanted to find an organization that could possibly directly serve the young woman that she read about and, through local connections, heard about A Place 4 Me. We asked Greta how she chose A Place 4 Me as the site of her donations, and she told us that she saw it as “the best option” for directly helping youth experiencing homelessness.

Greta hopes that her donations “take part of the worry of finding snacks and hygiene products off” because “there’s so much more to worry about in that position [homelessness].” She hopes that these donations make things just a little bit easier for young people who receive services at A Place 4 Me.

A Place 4 Me is very excited to have these donations available for the young people we serve. Greta’s donations include snacks, water and other drinks, hygiene items, reusable bags, and menstrual products. When young people drop in to our office (which looks different during the COVID-19 pandemic, but still happens) we like to be able to offer these items to them. Hygiene items and snacks are always useful at A Place 4 Me, and we are so glad to have them available for the young people we serve.

“You are seen. You are valued. You have reason.”