Woman of Professional Excellence: Frances Taggert Holly

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Frances Taggert Holly

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Frances Taggert Holly

Human Resources Director | Eaton

Frances Taggert Holly is a passionate and dynamic leader. She is a global HR leader within Eaton’s Vehicle business. Since 2016, she has also had the honor to start and be a national leader for Eaton’s iERG, iConnect. iConnect is ther iERG for Black, African American and people of Color.

“Being a leader of an iERG requires for you to demonstrate role model behaviors in inclusion and diversity and be a cultural steward for the organization,” said Frances. “In demonstrating inclusive behaviors, I believe I have created connections with employees of all backgrounds to talk about and take action on ‘vulnerable’ topics in the workplace. As a leader, I have also had the opportunity to mentor and coach employees at various levels to enable their personal and professional development.”

Frances’ energy, optimism, and courage are an inspiration to so many. Her next professional goal is to earn a certification as a professional coach and to refine her coaching skills to support her clients at work. She also aspires to leverage the certification to do volunteer professional coaching within communities color and provide a low-cost resource to emerging talent in underserved communities.

“For me women are critical figures in all communities (families, neighborhoods, churches and organizations). We are natural leaders that historically have not been empowered to lead at the same level or capacity as our male counterparts,” said Frances.

Frances also believes in the work YWCA is doing to eliminate systemic racism.

“The resources and programs the YWCA provides support not only the empowerment of women but the self-empowerment of women as leaders. The programs and resources help women build confidence and gain the skills to make a difference so we can reach our full potential. In my opinion, the empowerment focus for the YWCA should be a core “treatment” to eliminating systemic racism in housing, health, and economics.”