Woman of Professional Excellence: Wendy J. Snyder

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Wendy J. Snyder

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Wendy J. Snyder

Finance Director | University Hospitals Health System, Inc

Wendy Snyder manages the daily financial operations of UH Seidman Cancer Center and provides financial support to leaders and departments within UH Seidman Cancer Center, as well as Finance Leadership within UH.

Snyder truly enjoys sharing the healthcare knowledge that she has gathered over the last 18 years as it relates to finance and mentoring others whether it is new employees, interns, or students who are shadowing her department.

“I work for a great organization and while I am not on the front lines, all of our work contributes to the UH mission: To Heal, To Teach, To Discover,” said Snyder.

Snyder also regularly collaborates with people across UH, particularly those in different departments. She believes that this cross-disciplinary communication is critical to continual learning and growth.

“Everyone, no matter their position, has an opinion or process that is valuable in making decisions to further the success of our organization,” said Snyder.

The people that Snyder admires most are her parents. They both came from modest backgrounds and always encouraged Snyder and her sister to further their education, and always supported their daughters regardless of whether they were pursuing trade school or college.

“My dad always told me to work hard and stay humble no matter if it related school, work or anything in life…..that I may not always be the smartest person in the room but if I work hard and persevere, that I would have the ability to succeed and make an impression on others at work or in life,” said Snyder.