Woman of Professional Excellence: Victoria Gelling

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Victoria Gelling

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Victoria Gelling

Research Fellow | Sherwin Williams

Victoria Gelling is a Research Fellow at Sherwin Williams, “the pinnacle research and development position at Sherwin Williams” she describes. Victoria manages and mentor junior chemists with a primary focus on innovation. Victoria credits her initial career in academia for understanding how to mentor a younger generation of scientists.

Victoria’s ongoing professional goal to never stop learning gives her the fuel to not only carry out her daily duties, but to accomplish professional fulfilment. “My greatest professional satisfaction comes from being presented with a tough problem, becoming focused on learning about the problem, doing a deep dive into possible solutions and, finally, solving the problem.”

Technical Research & Development Manager at Sherwin Williams and colleague of Victoria said “Vicki’s positive attitude, vision and dedication to science inspires the people around her every day to keep pushing boundaries.”