Woman of Professional Excellence: Rochelle Richendollar

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Rochelle Richendollar

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Rochelle Richendollar

Manager, Financial Systems and Accounting | PolyOne

What’s next on Rochelle’s bucket list? Snowboarding in Switzerland. But until then, Rochelle Richendollar is the Manager of Financial Systems and Accounting for PolyOne Corporation. Rochelle excels at providing leadership and experience in her department.  In addition, she has stepped into an advocacy role through her leadership positions within various Diversity and Inclusion groups.  Rochelle often encourages others to get involved in groups they are passionate about and to take action when they identify areas of improvement within the organization.

“Teach yourself to look at things from multiple perspectives.  Your ability to lead will be much more impactful if you are able to switch gears.” Rochelle received this advice from multiple mentors and has carried the words through her career.  Perhaps it is one of the reasons she is so passionate about her work towards Diversity and Inclusion. She believes that, “building an inclusive environment allows individuals to bring diverse thoughts to the table and build successful organizations.”