Woman of Professional Excellence: Patricia Jurca

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Patricia Jurca

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Patricia Jurca

Senior Vice President, Head of B2B Marketing | KeyBank

As the Senior Vice President of Business-to-Business Marketing at KeyBank, Patricia Jurca clears roadblocks and implements strategic procedure and conversation that are imperative to how Key presents themselves to their B2B clients.

Patricia comments on managing a team with varying levels of experience and unique skill sets “I spend a lot of time listening and helping them amplify their own abilities and efforts.” It is apparent that Patricia drives her team with compassion. Seeing her team make progress and accomplish their personal goals is what gives her professional fulfillment. Patricia says she is energized by their excitement in moments when they are most proud of themselves. Corresponding to the satisfying aspects of her work, elevating individual members of her team to have more responsibility and more leadership opportunities continues to be a professional goal of hers.

Creative & Media Director Senior Vice President of KeyBank, Michael Varvaro describes Patricia as “a totally committed businesswoman, community advocate, educator and friend.”