Woman of Professional Excellence: Nora Loftus

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Nora Loftus

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Nora Loftus

Partner | Frantz Ward LLP

As one of the few female equity partners at Frantz Ward, Nora Loftus works hard for her clients and for her co-workers.  She helps clients navigate legal risks, guides them in making good business decisions and collaborates across her company.   Within the company, Nora is also the Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  This role, and the Frantz Ward mentorship program, give her opportunities to peruse another important career goal: making sure that the women at her firm are seen and heard.

Recognizing the power in “being a voice at the table in support of women and minorities,” Nora has officially and unofficially mentored many who have come through the firm. Being involved on non-profit boards give her the opportunity to collaborate across industries and colleagues see her “serving as a true role model to elevate women both professionally and in her community.”