Woman of Professional Excellence: Nicole Dinan

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Nicole Dinan

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Nicole Dinan

Small Business Product Development & Underwriting Practices Leader | Westfield Insurance

Driven, resilient, and sincere, Nicole Dinan “has a unique ability to bring clarity and a path forward through the most complex, messy challenges” Kristine Neate, Commercial Lines Transformation Leader at Westfield describes. “This gift is one of her many leadership qualities that has earned her credibility and a strong following in our organization – new to career employees, seasoned technical veterans, and senior leaders respect and value Nicole’s strategic agility and ability to cut through complexity” continues Kristine.

Nicole Dinan helps lead Westfield’s small business transformation journey as their Small Business Product Development & Underwriting Practices Leader. She develops product design and development practices focused on customers of small businesses. Nicole also establishes underwriting practices, work flow optimization capabilities and oversees various business activities related to the deployment of the small business strategic platform.

“I strive to lead by example and make being available for others a high priority.  Being a trusted listener is an important aspect of mentoring, and it’s something I take to heart. I encourage others to not be afraid to stretch themselves in new roles, speak up for themselves, and have courage to stand up for what’s right” said Nicole. “I also find it helps to share my own career journey and to be honest about mistakes I’ve made, as well as what I’ve learned from them along the way.”