Woman of Professional Excellence: Lisa Durst

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Lisa Durst

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Lisa Durst

Manager, Community Affairs | Eaton

“Slow down to speed up!” When this seemingly counterintuitive piece of advice was shared with Lisa Durst in a leadership development class, she knew it was directed towards her. Fast is not always best, and sometimes it takes time for the best ideas and plans to brew.

One of Eaton’s aspirational goals is to support their communities.  Lisa Durst, Manager of Community Affairs, plays a major role in realizing that goal by connecting Eaton’s employees to charitable funding to support local causes, issues, and organizations.  She values her role because it allows her to learn about the amazing people at Eaton who are deeply involved in and committed to their communities.  Her best days are those when she is able to let people know that an organization or cause that means so much to them is being funded by Eaton because the company cares about local issues and cares about where their employees are involved.

Lisa is dedicated to community both personally and professionally.  She is looking forward to joining a new board of an organization whose mission she is truly passionate.