Woman of Professional Excellence: Linda Mangosh

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Linda Mangosh

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Linda Mangosh

Senior Director, Operations | University Hospitals

As Senior Director of Operations at University Hospitals, Linda Mangosh provides leadership in advocating for delivery of timely, high-quality cancer care to meet the needs of patients & families across Northeast Ohio.  Much of her workday is devoted to supporting the healthcare team and the integration of various services associated with hospital operations.

Linda believes in leading by example, displaying a professional demeanor, demonstrating a personal commitment to organizational goals, and providing support and guidance to employees to do their best. “I take a genuine interest in mentoring relationships and striving to make everyone feel comfortable when asking questions, seeking advice, or talking through problems.”

Linda takes her leading style a step further as it engulfs her professional goals as well. “I would like to become a leadership coach, helping aspiring leaders to embrace the necessary skills of effective listening, conducting crucial conversations, and practicing sound, unbiased decision making.”

Linda’s passion for the development of people including civic duty is clear. “We all have a social responsibility to eliminate racial disparities and dispel stereotypes. As women, mothers, sisters, and colleagues, we have the opportunity, and a personal obligation, to influence our friends and families to stand firm in our assertion that all be treated with respect and dignity” comments Linda in reflection of the YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women.