Woman of Professional Excellence: Kara J. Quan. M.D.

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Kara J. Quan. M.D.

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Kara J. Quan. M.D.

Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology North Ohio Heart | Elyria Medical Center, University Hospitals of Cleveland

Dr. Quan is the Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Elyria Medical Center, University Hospitals of Cleveland. In her role, she mentors nurse practitioners, nurses, and students in the cardiac arrhythmia service and laboratories.

“When I see my former trainees accomplish great deeds in their fields of work, that brings me joy and fulfillment. Being able to pay forward to the next generation of medical students, residents, and fellows is a reward in itself,” said Dr. Quan.

Dr. Quan believes that eliminating racism and empowering women are truly important facets to stop the disparities in the workplace.

“Any strong woman who achieves and accomplishes what she wants to do is someone whom I admire. Overcoming obstacles and being assertive are excellent characteristics for success,” said Dr. Quan.

The best advice that Dr. Quan ever received was to take the high road, “my mentor in medical residency gave me this advice,” she said. “He also was my mentor in fellowship and recruited me as a director of the electrophysiology lab as my first job. By his role model and general positive outlook, this advice has followed me through my career.”

Dr. Quan’s next professional goal is to edit a medical textbook, “I’ve published manuscripts and book chapters, so it would be an honor to edit a textbook.”