Woman of Professional Excellence: Jeanne Lackamp, MD

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Jeanne Lackamp, MD

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Jeanne Lackamp, MD

Director, Pain Management Institute; Director, Division of Psychiatry and Medicine – University Hospitals

When asked what brings her professional fulfillment, Jeanne Lackamp shared, “professional fulfillment comes from starting a project, and guiding its progress.” More important than project completion, Jeanne sees the real value in achieving substantive progress which will then impact University Hospitals and, most importantly, its patients.

Through her role as Director of both the Pain Management Institute and Division of Psychiatry and Medicine, Jeanne strives to bring the values of her Behavioral Health training into everything she does.  This includes valuing patients and colleagues as individuals, eschewing pejorative labels, and rejecting bias when it is identified.

Jeanne’s father showed her what true love really was – to empower others to do what is best for themselves. “It was one simple bit of advice but it had an impact on the rest of my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.”