Woman of Professional Excellence: Jahnel Bailey

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Jahnel Bailey

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Jahnel Bailey

Manager, Analytic Data Capabilities | KeyBank

As an Analytic Data Capabilities Manager at KeyBank, Jahnel Bailey leads people to better outcomes by driving clarity, navigating change and elevating the performance of those she works with. “Tactically, my team enables the use of data for analytics, optimizing outcomes for KeyBank clients” explains Jahnel.

For Jahnel professional fulfillment comes from both creating an environment where her team and others around her thrive and doing the work that matters, including increasing revenues and reducing expenses. This speaks to Bailey’s professional aspirations to be a driving force to help some of her mentees secure a 2020 promotion as a result of their success and growth. Jahnel serves as a formal mentor for Key’s internal mentoring program and continues to be an informal mentor to individuals outside of the organization. “I aim to be a role model everywhere I go by leading through service” said Jahnel.

Jahnel shares with us her admiration for her parents “They continue to inspire me through their ability to learn and their resilience. They are open to learning, courageous enough to embrace change and do not let circumstances determine their lives. They are still accomplishing goals that many would never take on, and fewer will achieve.” “Their demonstration influences the woman I am” Janel shares.