Woman of Professional Excellence: Dolores P. Garcia

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Dolores P. Garcia

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Dolores P. Garcia

Partner | Ulmer & Berne LLP

Dolores P. Garcia knows that the early days of a legal career are critical to building confidence and she makes sure to always be available to newer attorneys, especially young women.  Her role as a partner on a nationally recognized litigation team means she can be an important contact for young, minority lawyers.

She also knows how valuable it was for her to “find her own voice” and her love of litigation and strategy lets her use her talents in a creative and meaningful way.  Dolores also recognizes her role as a black professional in an overwhelmingly white profession.  Her engagement and visibility throughout the firm is a way of being on the “frontlines” of dismantling structural racism.

Her hope is to see one of her daughters graduate from Harvard Law School, as she is a third generation graduate herself.  However, they are only four and six now, so she tries not to put too much pressure on them yet!