Woman of Professional Excellence: Dina Anzevino

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Dina Anzevino

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Dina Anzevino

Senior Vice President, Wealth Director | PNC

Dina idolizes her parents for parenting her and her sisters in a way that drove her to be her best. “My mother’s work at home, she created a loving environment that had me and my sisters believe we could do anything in this world. She always had the positive outlook on life and provided reinforcement that when we “failed” to get back up and keep trying and to push boundaries” Dina shares. “[and] my father worked outside the home every day to bring us a better life.” Dina’s admiration for her parents shines through her goals and her work.

“I am in a leadership role because I have a tremendous passion for helping people and I know my team appreciates the transparency and authenticity” said Dina. “I am the same person regardless with whom I am interacting.  I am direct and tough, including on myself.  However, I am also caring, understanding and open to feedback.”