Woman of Professional Excellence: Christine Schaefer

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Christine Schaefer

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Christine Schaefer

Vice President, Corporate Human Resources | University Hospitals

As the Vice President of Corporate Human Resources at University Hospitals, Christine Schaefer partners with both employees and leaders to drive strategies that supports UH’s mission To Health, To Teach, To Discover. “Being a part of the HR team allows me to contribute to the engagement of our employees in order to provide the best care possible to our patients” said Christine.

It is when Christine is challenged in her role that she finds her work to be most fulfilling. “I strive the most in managing change and driving positive results. In addition, I am fulfilled when those positive results also result in success for those that work on my team” she said. This speaks to her style as a leader. Christine leverages what she has learned as a working woman and mother; to be compassionate to the needs of others in their professional and personal development as she makes it priority to be available to her team and the employees she serves.

“Leadership is about balancing a wide set of facts, circumstances and stakeholders leading to decisions that affect organizational performance.  Christine consistently demonstrates the ability to take complex situations and through collaboration, challenge, professionalism and intellect demonstrates that through strong leadership anything can be accomplished” said Tom Snowberger, Chief Human Resource Officer and Direct Manager to Christine Schafer at University Hospitals.