Woman of Professional Excellence: Carrie Benedict

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Woman of Professional Excellence: Carrie Benedict

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Carrie Benedict

Assistant General Counsel | KeyBank

As Assistant General Counsel, Carrie Benedict serves as KeyCorp’s Primary Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney, she aids in completing M&A transactions. A recent accomplishment of Carrie includes helping KeyCorp acquire the Laurel Road Student Refinances Business, Cain Brothers Investment Bank, HelloWallet Financial Wellness Product, and First Niagara Bank.

Carries expresses joy around seeing the outcome of an M&A acquisition. “It feels good to help Key acquire a business and then see how that business ends up contributing to the overall success of the company.”

Carrie actively serves as a role model and mentor in both formal and informal capacities. “In a formal capacity, I participate in the MentorMe@Key Program where I serve as a mentor to two employees.  This is also my second year serving as a mentor in the Supreme Court of Ohio mentoring program for new attorneys.  In an informal capacity, I strive to invest as much time as needed to develop more junior attorneys in our department.  I believe it pays to invest time up front to train and develop employees so they can become the valued employee you need them to be in the long run” shared Carrie. Carrie also mentions her desire to found a non-profit organization whose mission is focused on assisting foster children and families.

General Counsel at KeyBank and Supervisor to Carrie, Craig Beazer states “Carrie is one of the best lawyers with whom I have had the pleasure to work, a consummate professional and true leader, who is as invested in the success of her team as she is in her own continued development.”