Hope in the Midst of a Crisis

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Hope in the Midst of a Crisis

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YWCA’s work does not stop just because the whole world has as a result of COVID-19. Today, we’re celebrating one of our very own Independence Place residents! A 24-year-old woman (we are going to call her Karla) has reached several milestones, all in the midst of a pandemic.

Karla was experiencing homelessness before she moved into Independence Place with her newborn daughter a little over a year ago. What no one but Karla knew in that moment was that she had two other children in foster care. She eventually trusted her YWCA life coach enough to disclose this information and they made a plan. Karla and her life coach worked through this plan – a plan to regain employment, find housing that would be sufficient for her WHOLE family, and regain custody of her three and five-year-old children.

We are celebrating today because Karla has brought her family back together! She now has stable employment and has moved out of Independence Place into her own space. She has enough room to house her entire family after spending 15 months apart. We are so inspired by Karla’s courage and determination to reach out for the resources she needed.

YWCA Greater Cleveland is on a mission now more than ever. Your gift today is critical to ensuring that even throughout this crisis, rays of hope like this continue to shine through. We are stronger together and together is how we will support others like Karla.