Erica Hillow: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Erica Hillow: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Erica Hillow
Project Architect

For Erica, architecture is about more than just design. Her greatest professional fulfillment is knowing that that the actions and decisions she makes each day have a positive impact. “Watching people enjoy and appreciate these spaces brings me great satisfaction.”

Erica also makes it a priority to ensure that her team members are engaged in their work.

“I develop and lead training sessions to promote new technologies and project collaboration, while also taking time to connect on a more personal level to help build relationships with my colleagues,” said Erica.

Erica’s next professional goal is to become an impactful and influential leader both professionally and philanthropically. She is beginning this journey by volunteering is support of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. She is currently serving as Co-Chair for Corporate and Community Engagement on The Herd’s Advisory Council. The Herd is the Cleveland Zoological Society’s young leaders, dedicated to raising awareness for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and their conservation efforts.

“I would love to go to Africa to meet the communities in which my conservation and leadership efforts with the zoo help support. Ultimately, I would like to utilize my skill set to preserve their culture and beautiful landscapes.”