Crystal Knapik: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Crystal Knapik: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Crystal Knapik
Project Designer

Crystal is a licensed Architect and Project Designer at Vocon, where she lends her combined passion for sustainability and technology to many of the firm’s transformational projects, including corporate, residential, educational, commercial, civic and hospitality building and renovation projects.

“I feel most fulfilled when I have the opportunity to work with an eclectic team of individuals to achieve unique and creative interventions in the built environment. I feel invigorated when I see that our buildings can have a positive impact on the members of the community,” said Crystal.

Crystal is driven by her affinity for design technologies and the digital arts. “I enjoy sharing that passion with my colleagues through impromptu 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, working closely with colleagues who seek to improve their knowledge and skill-sets in the industry.”

Being a woman in a male dominated field is challenging. Early in her career, a former professor and colleague gave her valuable advice, “He taught me the importance of ‘powering through like a nuclear-powered tank.’ As women in this industry, we often experience many heartbreaking roadblocks, pitfalls, and challenges that require unhindered and unshakable tenacity to power through with eventual success. He taught me to welcome such challenges, as they only help develop you as a stronger, more willful individual.”