Ann Marie Krol: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Ann Marie Krol: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Ann Marie Krol
Associate Design Director

Ann Marie find personal fulfillment in mentoring young designers in their craft and witnessing their sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

“I work with designers at all levels helping them to achieve their goals through an understanding of knowing when to push, when to lead, and when to guide them on their career journey,” said Anne Marie.

Anne Marie’s next goal is to launch a firmwide mentorship program that encompasses Vocon’s offices in Cleveland, New York, and Los Angeles. “We are beginning a pilot program in one office and I would like to see that launched on a firmwide scale to allow mentorship to occur between cities and disciplines.”

As an Associate Design Director, Anne Marie works with clients on a daily basis, listening and responding to the needs of the organization, pushing the boundaries on design, and achieving a balance between their needs and the future of workplace design. Anne Marie believes that you should “Do what you love and love what you do.”

Anne Marie’s passion is to design environments that transform an experience for people – allowing them to flourish, thrive and become more engaged in whatever they are doing.

“We spend the majority of our lives at our jobs, so it’s important to foster the passion and joy in my career, to enjoy every day and project that passion to others. “