Rosalie Stroh: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Rosalie Stroh: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Rosalie Stroh
Accounting/Office Manager
Regency Construction Services, Inc.

Rosalie the Accounting/Office Manager at Regency, and a survivor of breast cancer. She is nearing retirement and although she is proud of the career she has built, Rosalie looks forward to new adventures and opportunities to do things with my family and friends

Rosalie believes that good communication, positiveness, self confidence and an ability to admit when you are wrong are the most important traits you can pass on to others.

“I have been lucky enough to work with several outstanding woman in my career who were gracious
enough to share with me there years of experience, work ethics and managing skills. Over the years I have tried to do the same for others.”

As far back as she can remember, Rosalie learned from her family that you needed to do your best and give it your all whether you were at school, work or play,

“You can never feel bad about yourself if you have done an honest days work,” Rosalie said.

Rosalie has a deep connection to the YWCA. She was part of the team that helped renovate our downtown Prospect location to create Independence Place, our 23 supportive housing units for young adults who have aged out of foster care or experienced homelessness.

“I am fortunate to see first-hand how the YWCA programs were able to help young women who were aging out of foster care. We renovated the Y downtown for Independence Place and were able to employ one the young woman in the program. It was wonderful to see these women offered a chance for a bright future.”