Janelle Heinle: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Janelle Heinle: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Janelle Heinle
Project Engineer
Regency Construction Services, Inc.

Completing a successful construction project that positively impacts a community brings Janelle fulfillment. As a project manager, her role is to build sustaining relationships both within and outside the organization. “Success is based on how well you can collaborate with and lead your teams to great finished projects. “

Another source of fulfillment for Janelle is helping younger employees develop and take ownership of their roles. At Regency, Janelle mentors the younger employees to help them understand what it takes to be a successful construction manager. She is also involved in the ACE program, where she works with CMSD students to expose them to the construction, architecture and design fields.

“When I see that the team needs my input on a task, whether on the safety committee at Regency, the education committee of the ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) Program, or the Future Executives Committee at the CEA (Construction Employers Association), I dive in to make sure the end result means success for the team,” said Janelle.

Janelle graduated from the Cleveland Bridge Builders class of 2019. She hopes to use the relationships that she has developed and new knowledge to become more engaged in the civic realm and continue advancing the mission of the ACE mentor program.