Lynn Spataro: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Lynn Spataro: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Lynn Spataro
Business Director, Beverage Ends

Lynn admires intelligent people, who get results while caring about the people, “Those who gracefully manage the commitments of both work and family earn my admiration.”

One of Lynn’s primary goals is to mentor and provide growth opportunities for her team. She also looks for opportunities to offer advice, be a sounding board, and provide support to less tenured colleagues.

“Lynn always makes time to teach others critical sales, management and team-building and decision making skills and most importantly leads by example. She prides herself on providing opportunities for growth for her direct reports,” said Regina Honorable, Human Resources Director at PolyOne.

The best advice Lynn has ever received is to be authentic, “On a few occasions co-workers have advised me to be who I am and not to try to be something I’m not. It’s taught me that there are a variety of different styles that can be effective.”