Danica Reed: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Danica Reed: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Danica Reed
Senior Marketing Manager, Strategic Insights
PolyOne Corporation

The three words that describe Danica best are reliable, genuine, and empathetic. Executives and business partners across PolyOne’s global organization trust Danica and seek her out for her professionalism, attention to detail, critical thinking, thoroughness, ability to innovate to solve problems.

At PolyOne, Danica leads a team that delivers market insights to leadership that support strategic business objectives for driving innovation, product development, competitive differentiation and overall company growth.

Danica’s professional goal is ongoing: to continue to build the capabilities and reputation of her team in delivering value to their company. She achieves her goal by actively listening and providing guidance and constructive feedback in a trusted environment, and developing skills in problem solving and leadership.

When Danica was a new manager, a co-worker gave her critical advice, “’Just because something isn’t done my way, that doesn’t mean it is wrong.’ This opened me up to the fact that even while in a supervisor role, I am always still learning.”