Anouska Norman: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Anouska Norman: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Anouska Norman
Commercial Manager
The Lubrizol Corporation

Anouska is a big picture thinker; this serves her will in the ever changing manufacturing industry.

“My next goal is to diversify my experience/skill set and try something new. I have been a product/commercial manager for many years and while this experience is rewarding I would like to use my talents and develop skills in a different part of our business. I anticipate a lot of change in the future and I want to be a part of it.”

The best advice she ever received was how to build consensus when Anouska’s boss from 12 years ago reminder her to pick her battles.

“It took a while to stick, to be honest, and I still have to curb temptation to argue my case at times, but I have noticed how much easier it is to build relationships with people when you look for areas of agreement, first, before finding ways to constructively address areas where you disagree.”

Anouska was also a participant in YWCA’s Quest program, “I was excited to participate in the Quest… I found that program very rewarding, stimulating and am honored that YWCA helps women like me to realize their personal and professional growth potential.”