Amanda Goodson: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Amanda Goodson: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Amanda Goodson
Information Solutions Project Manager
The Lubrizol Corporation

Amanda actively lives out The Lubrizol Corporation’s cultural beliefs of All In, Lead Decisively, Take Action, Think External and Be Courageous by taking on whatever role or task is needed in each moment.

“Amanda’s calm and confident ‘ALL IN’ leadership style, especially in the stressful moments of pressure, are an example for those around her, but it’s what she personally taught me that is one of the most important personal and professional lessons in my life, to believe in myself,” said her colleague Ana Silveira.

Amanda’s personal motto is “Desire to Inspire”, which challenges her and others to “let your light shine”, “live the golden rule” and “find the silver lining in every situation”.

“I strive to pursue this motto every day, because I have an opportunity to encourage, empower and educate others by my words and actions,” said Amanda.

Amanda gets the greatest sense of professional fulfillment when she is able to make a difference in the personal and professional lives of those around her.

“As they say, ‘We are only as strong as our weakest link’, so as a team it is extremely important that we invest our time in one another.”