Gina Velez: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Gina Velez: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Gina Velez
OLM Business Partner
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Gina serves as the Organization Learning & Performance Business Partner at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. She serves as a coach to employees, assisting with employee development plans, and leading others through example.

“Gina Velez is a tremendous asset to the District and she has contributed to the professional development and advancement of hundreds of our employees during the span of her career,” said Kathryn M. Hall, Manager of Diversity at NEORSD.

She gets her greatest professional fulfillment from being able to positively influence others by changing their thought process or preconceived notions about a topic. While she helps others develop and grow, she also committed to self-improvement.

“My next professional goal is to apply all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities I have spent time and effort acquiring and developing so I can be the best ‘me’ possible.”