Adrienne Mundorf: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Adrienne Mundorf: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Adrienne Mundorf
Senior Program Director
Sisters of Charity Foundation

Adrienne works with Sisters of Charity Foundation’s staff, board, partners and community to shape and execute strategies across the foundation’s focus areas. She also oversee our grantmaking to ensure they are aligned with our strategic goals.

“I work with an incredibly bright and talented staff that are so passionate about our work and our mission. To build their leadership, I identify their strengths and encourage them to put them to use. My role gives me a vantage across sectors and issues, so I often pull in ideas or concepts from other disciplines and encourage my team to learn from these ideas.”

Adrienne loves finding cross-discipline “surprises and ahas.” Her previous role in research at an academic institution helped Adrienne learn to identify interconnected barriers and opportunities between housing policies, racism, and income inequities.

Adrienne holds the YWCA’s mission of justice close, “I am raising two young daughters and it is so important to me that they understand the historical and current structural racism that shapes today’s inequities. I am also very proud to work at a foundation that promotes equity across all of our work. Catholic sisters have been longstanding champions for social justice, and our current work reflects that commitment and courage.”