Amanda Martinsek: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Amanda Martinsek: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Amanda Martinsek
Ulmer & Berne LLP

Amanda is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the legal field. She is an active participant in Ulmer’s UB Will – Women in Law & Leadership initiative, which is a driving force behind the firm’s efforts to attract, retain, and advance women lawyers.

“Every day, there are choices made that expand or contract diversity and inclusion. I look for every opportunity to make the right choices and encourage others in the same direction. A journey is made up of single steps.”

As a Partner at Ulmer & Berne LLP, she also mentors younger attorneys and is an active volunteer in both the legal and nonprofit communities. “I like watching lawyers that I have trained stretch their wings and become confident, strong professionals in their own right.”

The best advice that Amanda ever received was from an early mentor and it was to: 1) identify her objective; 2) identify necessary stakeholders; and 3) figure out what would make them want to go your way.

“This advice stuck with me because it is a Rosetta Stone that is literally the key to every interaction large and small.”