Jeanne M. Mullin: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Jeanne M. Mullin: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Jeanne M. Mullin
Reminger Co., LPA

For Jeanne M. Mullin, social justice issues were a focal point of her early education. She saw around her the impact of poverty and came to learn this was often driven by a lack of meaningful opportunity and inequality. Jeanne knows that YWCA’s mission, and other organizations like it, are key to identifying, removing and preventing these obstacles.

Today, as an attorney and Shareholder at Reminger Co., LPA, she is described as “smart, compassionate and truly dedicated to her family, friends and clients.”  She is also dedicated to improving her community and serving as a collaborator and mentor to the younger lawyers she works with. And she’s learned that one very important lesson, whether for fellow lawyers or for her own children, is that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to realize your full potential.