Sheila Trauernicht: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Sheila Trauernicht: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Sheila Trauernicht
Cheif Communications Officer
Westfield Insurance

Sheila Trauernicht’s favorite piece of advice comes from Michelle Obama, who said “Failure is a feeling long before it is an actual result.”  That’s a powerful reminder to avoid being paralyzed by fear – if you’re afraid to do something, just do it afraid!

As Westfield’s Chief Communications Officer, Sheila designs and executes communication strategies to help the organization achieve business goals, solve business problems and differentiate the organization in the marketplace. While she enjoys helping leaders find the right words to motive and inspire others, she finds it incredibly gratifying to encourage and support the next generation of professionals by sharing her knowledge and expertise.  Sheila states that her mentoring style is “to challenge, support and inspire young professionals to be bold and lean into opportunities outside of their comfort zone. “

One day, Sheila would like to learn a foreign language and walk the Camino de Santiago.  “With a good language app, maybe I could do both at the same time,” she hopes!