Jill Stevens: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Jill Stevens: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Jill Stevens
National Customer Service Leader
Westfield Insurance

With a life motto of “work hard, play hard, give back,” Jill Stevens of Westfield leads by example in all three of these areas.    As Westfield’s National Customer Service Leader, Jill’s role is to influence service and customer experience across the enterprise.

Jill’s leadership style is to lead by example.  This includes having a strong voice, standing up, even when it means standing alone, and living by your values.  Jill says, “I’ve always found gratification in watching others achieve and knowing I played a role in their success. It’s empowering to be truly happy for others’ success.”

Relationships are very important to her.  “We are in a people business and nothing happens without our teams.  Make the time, care about people, notice the little things, and the important things, and show you care.”  Jill enjoys the challenges and opportunities she faces at Westfield.  She says, “I try to be uncomfortable on a regular basis; when you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing.”