Brenda Ewart: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Brenda Ewart: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Brenda Ewart
Officer, Business Systems Analyst

Brenda Ewart of PNC is passionate about the success and development of others.  At PNC, Brenda serves as President of the African American Employee Resource Group.  Through her leadership, the group creates a culture of respect and inclusion.  “As a result, employees feel empowered to achieve professional development aspirations and maximize their contributions to PNC’s business objectives,” says Brenda.

In her role as Senior Business Process Improvement Specialist, she finds professional fulfillment in achieving goals she has set for herself. When asked how she would describe herself, Brenda stated that she is “passionate about what she does, determined to get the job done, and inspiring while she does it.”

Brenda looks forward to building upon her network, expanding her reach into a broader sphere of influence, and being able to inspire and motivate a wider audience.