Susan Donlan: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Susan Donlan: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Susan Donlan
Chief Communications Officer

Susan Donlan’s role at KeyBank is to enhance Key’s brand by telling their story and helping to manage Key’s reputation. Because she is new to the role, Susan is focused on learning all she can and understanding where she can best make an impact.

Seeing her team succeed is Susan’s favorite part of the job. “I try to lead by example. I tend to operate more as an informal mentor and I work to prioritize making time to meet with people I am mentoring on a regular basis – to hear how it’s going, ask questions about progress, and determine how I can help.”

Despite her success, Susan is not in a hurry. “I make sure I enjoy the journey along the way. It’s easy to get so focused on the job you want to have, that you don’t appreciate all of the challenges and opportunities you’re taking on as you work toward your goal.”