Irma DeLeon: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Irma DeLeon: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Irma DeLeon
National Director of Community Development – Mortg

Servant Leadership is very important to Irma DeLeon, National Director of Community Development, Mortgages at KeyBank. She mentors fellow Latina women at Key and always makes time to answer any questions they have about their careers and what it takes to get ahead. “I want to show each of them that they matter and I’m here for them,” said Irma.

Colleen Bara, Irma’s former manager, believes Irma is a true role model for women at Key. “She takes pride in everything she does, inspires people around her to achieve what is possible and she is passionate about making a difference in her role leading affordable lending at Key.”

The best advice Irma ever received was from her mother, “You never want to say, ‘I wish I would have.’” Now when she contemplates a new opportunity or goal, she always hears her mother’s advice encouraging her.