Denise Cissell Shade: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Denise Cissell Shade: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Denise Cissell Shade
Enterprise Payments; Group Head – Foreign Exchange, Financial Institutions and Technology

Denise Cissell Shade manages several businesses within KeyBank’s Enterprise Payments Group; Foriegn Exchange, which helps companies to identify and mitigate the FX risk in their businesses; Financial Institutions, which provides services to other banks and a team that provides end-to-end payment solutions to technology companies.

The professional development of each member of her team is one of the most rewarding and important responsibilities of Denise’s job. “It is one of the aspects of being a manager that I enjoy the most.  Beyond my own team, there are a group of women that I meet with individually at regular intervals to discuss their careers, challenges and successes.”

Ken Gavrity, Executive Vice President at KeyBank says Denise’s commitment to supporting others has been the key to her success. “Denise cares deeply about all the people in her life including her team, her family, and her peers, while being one of the most results driven and detail oriented leaders I’ve ever come across – I’m truly lucky to have worked with her, and learned from her”