Lauren Backus: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Lauren Backus: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Lauren Backus
Business Technology Executive

According to Barb Smith, Lauren Backus’ friend and co-worker, Lauren’s super power is her ability to take very complex concepts and simplify them so anyone can understand. As KeyBank’s Business Technology Executive, Lauren leads a team who delivers on Key’s strategic imperatives through technology.

Lauren also serves in the Key Women’s Network leadership team, providing opportunities for committee members to demonstrate their own leadership, and networking opportunities to advance their careers. “I serve as a formal and informal mentor for women and men who I’ve worked with over the years, and formally mentor several employees through Key’s Mentoring program,” said Lauren.

Lauren believes that education is the key to success. “’Education is the only thing that no one can take away from you.’ This was shared by my great-grandmother, who traveled from Italy to the USA in 1915. This advice didn’t ‘stick’ until later in life when I realized that many people find themselves in situations where they do not have power over the state of their possessions or finances, and their education may be their only lever to improve their lot.”