Gabrielle Aryeetey SVP: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Gabrielle Aryeetey SVP: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Gabrielle Aryeetey SVP
Operational Risk Management

Gabrielle Aryeetey finds fulfillment in doing work that matters, has purpose, and brings value to her clients and community. “You never get back the time spent in (or out) of the office, so doing work that aligns with my core values, is meaningful, and has a positive impact is critically important.”

As SVP & Senior Director, Enterprise and Operational Risk, Gabrielle provides independent risk management support that fosters sound profitable growth in the best interest of KeyBank’s clients and communities.

“Gabrielle epitomizes the “trusted advisor” relationship with a strong sense of what is important to the business and a drive to consistently add value,” said Gabrielle’s colleague Monica Bowe.

Gabrielle also serves as a mentor at Key and with students at her alma mater, The College of Wooster. As a mentor she aims to be a role model, provide direction, and create a space for discovery and authenticity.