Beth Adams: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Beth Adams: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Beth Adams
Chief Tax Officer

Beth Adams, Chief Tax Officer for Keybank, leads the team that is responsible for all corporate tax planning, compliance, and controversy.

“Closing a deal certainly brings a high, but for me the greatest and most lasting professional fulfillment has come from developing my teams and then watching them further grow and succeed,” said Beth.

As a working mother and one of the few female large bank Chief Tax Officers, Beth feels it is her responsibility to share her path of professional achievement while maintaining work-life harmony. “The most important traits that I value in a leader are Authenticity, Energy, and Clarity of Direction so I strive to model those behaviors as a mentor and role model,” she said.

Early in her career a partner at Beth’s firm advised her that the only thing constant is change. “Viewing change as constant gives you the confidence and ability to be nimble so that when the inevitable change happens there is less fear and disruption.”