Stephanie Ferry: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Stephanie Ferry: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Stephanie Ferry
Senior Manager of Assurance Services

As an Assurance Services Senior Manager at EY, Stephanie provides financial statement services to several clients. She also serves as the leader of EY’s Professional Women’s Network, with the mission of supporting women in leadership roles and bringing awareness to gender parity issues.

Nate Seacrist and Alex Schmitt, Partners at EY and her mentors said, “She serves as mentor and role model to the women at EY. This is done through leading by example, taking initiative to achieve goals she wants and sees for the firm, and serving as a mentor to numerous young women in the office.”

The best advice Stephanie has received is to be present and mindful in everything you do. “It is so easy in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world to be ‘half present’ as you work to juggle all of your personal and professional commitments. However, you make a greater impact when you dedicate yourself 100% to the commitment at hand.”