Florentina Djulvezan: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Florentina Djulvezan: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Florentina Djulvezan
Vice President/CRE CSA Regional Manager
Huntington National Bank

Florentina is described by her co-worker Diane Strojin as, “The epitome of professionalism, tact and patience, all characteristics that are the basis for her successful career. She is a ‘go-to’ person for unique and difficult situations and Florentina provides sound guidance and solutions that balance customer expectations and risk concerns.” Florentina gets professional fulfillment from contributing to successful outcomes and helping her team accomplish its goals.

The best piece of advice Florentina has ever received is, “If you work hard, are kind and make the most of your educational opportunities, success with follow.” This is likely informed by the people she admires most, her parents, who immigrated to the United States and worked hard to ensure their children had a better life and to have the opportunity to pursue their chosen educational and professional goals.