Jennifer Carpenter: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Jennifer Carpenter: Woman of Professional Excellence

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Jennifer Carpenter

Vice President – IT Clinical Systems
University Hospitals

Appropriate to her field, Jennifer values her logical leadership and says, “healthcare relies on advances in technology to diagnose and treat our community and I help the organization select, use and improve the technology we leverage for care.” Always wanting to be helpful, she admires people who are kind in conflict. “You can disagree with someone and still be kind, and you can hold a strong position, be unwilling to back down, but still show respect for a different viewpoint.” YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women reminds her that “we leave riches of thought and experience untapped when we hire or promote only people of the same perspective or background.” Competitive, her professional goal every day is “to learn something new and to feel as though I’ve made a difference to someone or to the progress of something important.”