It’s Time to Talk by Lisa M. Evans, MA, CDP

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It’s Time to Talk by Lisa M. Evans, MA, CDP

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It’s Time to Talk

by Lisa M. Evans, MA, CDP
She is the author of “This Is My Brain on Emotion”

Remove the phrase I don’t see color
So we can truly see each other
And focus on what lies within
And not be distracted by melanin
Our hearts beat
Our blood flows
We celebrate highs
And experience lows
More similar than different
Divided over pigment
Racisms roots deeply planted in fear
How do we move away from here?
Understanding, respect and consideration
Is the only way to heal our nation
It’s time to have the conversation we’ve been avoiding for hundreds of years
It’s not going to be comfortable there will be anger, frustration and tears
But if we don’t come together nothing is going to get better
It’s time to talk

About the Poet:
Lisa M. Evans, MA, CDP is a mother of two lovely daughters and feisty granddaughter. A fan of classic Hip Hop she writes poems to satisfy her inner MC. Lisa is an alumnus of Cleveland State University where she earned her Master’s degree in psychology and certification in Diversity Management.
Lisa has written a book of poems entitled This is my Brain on Emotion and a self-help book I Know How to Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I. Both books are available on Amazon. Follow Lisa on her blog